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Seaweed Fertilizer  
Classification: Fertilizer
Min.Order Quantity: 1000 Liters
State: Liquid
CAS No.: 9005-32-7
EINECS No.: 232-680-1
Port: Any Port In China
Molecular Weight: 398.3167


Seaweed fertiliser, also spelled seaweed fertilizer, is seaweed that is collected and used as an organic fertilizer.

Seaweed Fertilizer Usage

1.Stimulate the activity of defensive ferments in plant, and improve various kinds of anti-adversity abilities to drought, coldness, salt and alkali etc.

2.Balance and adjust growth of plant, promote flower bud differentiation, improve percentage of fertile fruit and reduce abscission and cracking of fruits.

3.Promote development of plant’s roots, and improve the effect for absorption of nutrient and water in soil. Increase the content of chlorophyll, enhance efficiency of photosynthesis, greatly enlarge the output and improve the quality.

Seaweed Fertilier Packaging Details

Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulations.