Product Detail
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Classification: Herbicide
Min.Order Quantity: 1000 KG/Liters
State: Powder & Granule &Liquid
Purity: 50%EC, 90%EC, 50%SC, 60%SC, 80%WP, 90%WG(WDG)
CAS No.: 34256-82-1
EINECS No.: 251-899-3
Port: Any Port In China
Molecular Weight: 269.8


Acetochlor(CAS No.34256-82-1) is a selective herbicide, absorbed mainly by the shoots and secondarily by the roots of germinating plants.

Acetochlor Usage
Acetochlor is used pre-emergence or pre-plant to control annual grasses, certain annual broad-leaved weeds and yellow nutsedge in maize(at 3 kg/ha), peanuts, soya beans, cotton, potatoes and sugar cane.

Acetochlor Available Formulation
50%SC, 60%SC
50%EC, 90%EC



Acetochlor Packaging Details
Customized 10ML ~200L for liquid formulations.

Acetochlor Applicable Crops
maize, peanuts, soyabeans, cotton, potatoses and sugarcane.